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Deworming as a great thing to do for dogs who frequent areas where parasites may be present. We require a stool screening that checks for parasites, as well as contagious bacteria. We see dogs from all over the state, all over the country, and sometimes from oversea with our proximity to the airport! Not all dogs who are carrying a nasty bug will display symptoms, and this requirement is in place to minimize the spread of nasty bugs as much as possible.

We have no breed restrictions whatsoever- any dog is welcome to join our pack as long as they are sociable with dogs and humans!

Yes! We have multiple family sized kennels so that your pups can stay together overnight, regardless of their size.

We have an Aqua-Air Wet/Dry built- in central cleaning system! This modernized system has replaced the brooms, vacuums, mop buckets, etc. With 17 outlets throughout the facility it is EASY to keep our facility sanitized and smelling great at all times! This system is used to clean our K9 grass, floors, dog runs, outdoor areas, etc. Only the highest quality, pet safe, and industry specific disinfectants are used in our facility. Your dog’s safety, health, and happiness are our highest priorities.

Of course! We would LOVE to show you why we are so special! You are welcome to visit and tour the Dog Park at any time, with or without notice! Don’t forget we have live web-cams so you can check in on your pup at any time.

We offer a free play, off-leash environment. The dogs are kenneled twice daily for meals and remain in their rooms for 45 minutes to give them a chance to digest before coming back out for playtime, and have a 1 hour nap time at noon to give them a little rest in a long day of playing. Puppies are given more frequent breaks as growing dogs require lots of rest. Outside of morning and evening meals our pups play their little hearts out from 7am-7pm. Although we open to the public later on weekends and holidays, our staff still reports to the dogs at 7am to ensure their daily routines are not compromised.

It means that instead of your pet being kept in a kennel all day long, like most boarding facilities, our guests get to run, play, and enjoy the company of new friends and our staff. We have multiple areas for all dog types to socialize, little dog play areas, ‘rowdy’ dog play areas and ‘lazy’ areas.

No, not unless otherwise requested. We allow members of the same family to board together if that is what you prefer.

We strongly encourage you to bring your pets regular food, so that they can stay on their normal diet. If needed, we do have house food available. It is specially designed to be easy on the digestive system so pets will have an easier time switching from one food to another. If bringing your own food, we recommend packaging individual meals for your pets stay.

No! We take all pets! Cats, rabbits, snakes, and birds are accepted at our Woods Cross location.

We have a very experienced staff and we are more than happy to accommodate to any pet or need. We can dispense any medications as needed 24 hours a day. Please bring your pets medications in a pill box, and provide a clear list of all medications and supplements. Please only bring enough for your pets stay.

We are open most holidays with the exceptions of Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day- but our staff still provide a normal day of play time for all the dogs staying overnight with us during this time. After-Hours services are not available on these days, to allow our staff time with their families.

Yes, we require the Rabies, Bordetella, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza and Distemper vaccinations for dogs to be eligible for our services. We also require an annual physical exam and semi-annual negative fecal parasite screening. This is to ensure the safety of your pet, all our guests, and our staff. We don’t currently require the Canine Influenza vaccine, but we strongly recommend it.

Yes, we have discounts for multiple pets in the same family and we have prepaid discount packages in increments of 10, 20, and 30 available for purchase for both daycare and overnight boarding.

The dogs at our facility get along great! We conduct a temperament test before placing them with the pack and we supervise constantly. We also have different areas to best suit any dog or temperament. Our staff is well trained and our goal is for everyone to have a great time!

No – we are not offering after-hour drop-off and pick-up at this time.

No, come in anytime during business hours! You can use our deluxe, self-serve dog wash anytime your dog stumbles upon a fun mud hole, a skunk den. We also have groomers available by appointment at both locations if you need more than just a wash for your dog or cat!